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In the modern-day to have continuous and progressive builds for application delivery – it is essential in today’s digital world for an efficient IT system be merged seamlessly with development workflow and business.

Gevelopers, a leading DevOps Consulting & DevOps Services providing Company, enables delivering large applications at the pace of client business with evolving nature of development with Agile DevOps services to automate the continuous delivery – divided into predictive, well organized and consistent ecosystem and operational workflow.

Infrastructure Management
Configuration Management
Environment Setup
Continuous Integration

Continuous Monitoring
Test Automation
Build Automation
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Strategic Planning & Set up

Our efficient and well planned DevOps orchestration strategy makes this possible by combining business goals, toolchains, development and operation teams together with automated and streamlined IT processes with expert DevOps consultation.


Continuous Planning

Continuous Planning involves expert DevOps consultants who set expectations and milestones by evaluation of existing processes and systems to strategize a complete roadmap. To achieve seamless DevOps automation, we use industry-leading software tools and frameworks such as Docker, Puppet, Selenium, etc.

  • Setting goals and milestones
  • Comprehensive evaluation process
  • Strategizing roadmap
  • Illustration of roadmap

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration ensures the most up-to-date and validated code is always readily available to developers. CI helps prevent costly delays in development by allowing multiple developers to work on the same source code with confidence, rather than waiting to integrate separate sections of code all at once on release day.

  • Code validation
  • Technical architecture
  • Close collaboration
  • Delay prevention

Entrega Contínua

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software development practice where code changes from various members of the team are automatically prepared for a release to the production environment. We practice continuous delivery by using AWS CodePipeline, which lets you build a workflow that builds code in AWS CodeBuild, runs automated tests, and deploys code.

  • Identifying risk factors
  • Automation testing
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • Performance optimization

Continuous Monitoring

DevOps monitoring helps in identifying performance deviations, availability issues, and functional correctness problems before they affect end users. Our key monitoring policies include keeping an eye on both, pre-production and production environment along with Application Monitoring Tools (APM) that covers Web, API and Infrastructure monitoring.

  • Continuous feedback
  • Aligning client expectations
  • Overall continuous monitoring
  • Achieving business goals
  • Functionality monitoring

AWS CI Workflow

We combine DevOps practices with AWS services, for a more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products.


Azure CI Workflow

Collaborate on software development through source control, work tracking, and continuous integration and delivery using both Cloud and On-premise implementation of Azure DevOps Services.


IaaS we use

We work with the leading infrastructure and DevOps service providers.


Why DevOps?

Efficient Release strategy

Empower continuous delivery with balanced orchestration and piping development branches into the production workflow.


Identify mistakes early before your end-users see them, by imposing automated quality checks and reducing defects across the entire development journey.


Increased productivity by releasing business-critical functions at scale and new functionalities faster than the traditional cycle.


Abstraction of development and production version results in a more stable version control, and availability of changes in the cases of rollbacks.

Why Gevelopers?

Years of Experience

We carry decades of experience of dealing with leading infrastructure providers as well as application deployment workflows for variety of projects.

Trained Engineers

Our team members are equipped with DevOps principals and adhering to workflow standards right from the early stages of project development lifecycle.

Trusted by Large Enterprises

We carry a strong experience of aligning ourselves with enterprise infrastructure, DevOps and other integration cycles of extreme variety and use cases.


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