Team Gevelopers’ ability to understand your business and customer needs has resulted in building successful B2C apps. We help global brands and startups to develop various B2C solutions like CRM, Ecommerce app, booking engine, POS solutions, etc. Gevelopers also helps with even advanced solutions based on AR-VR, IoT, AI & ML to enhance business and customer experience.

Solutions we offer for B2C Business


ورشة الجراج

Cloud based solution that allows users to view a list of services to make bookings and you can manage entire garage operations.


إدارة الواجبات المنزلية

A mobile classroom for Schools, Private Classes, and colleges. A perfect companion for students to manage their homework with ease.


Online Betting/Gambling

With more than 8 years of experience in the iGaming industry, Gevelopers will allow you to burrow in and propel in the billion-dollar business model that is sports betting & online gambling.


Porn Websites/Adult Cam

Gevelopers is the answer to all porn / adult cam industry needs related to creating and running online adult sites. We offer includes web development, web design, mobile, e-marketing and IT outsourcing services.


Health & Fitness

A custom fitness solution for gyms as well as individuals to follow workout plans, meals, track & share progress with CMS to upload content.


مطعم توصيل الطعام

Solution that streamlines your online food ordering and delivery processes, boosts customer engagement and advanced business analytics.

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The solutions built by our engineering team are completely secure and scalable. Our UI/UX designers design every element from an eye of your end user to make the front end intuitive, appealing, and engaging.

Our team designs and delivers a powerful backend to ensure smooth app functionality at all times, boosting the chances of your app to be successful.

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