Develop Online Betting platforms with an advanced anti-fraud system that will secure you high margins from every player you attract. Accelerate the success of your sports betting business with the sports betting platform developed by us.


iGaming & Sports Betting Website

Are you planning to build an online sports betting website? Then Gevelopers is at your service. With more than 6 years of experience in the iGaming industry, Gevelopers will allow you to burrow in and propel in the billion-dollar business model that is sports betting. Our sports betting website comes integrated with all the trending and unique features which contribute in engaging your users which, in turn, will enhance the revenue generation of your business. Whether it’s about secure payment options, or unparalleled feature list, our online sports betting website has got all of your requirements covered. We have a team of expert and experienced team that delivers exclusive betting software solutions including pool betting software development, sports betting exchange software and much more.

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Sports Betting Website Development Features

Incorporate your vision into the sports betting website while enjoying these common yet important features.

Multiple Bet Types - Gevelopers

Multiple Bet Types

Our online sports betting website supports multiple bet types including Parlay betting, handicaps, H2H betting, Pool betting, Over/Under, etc.

Agent System - Gevelopers

Agent System

A powerful and well distributed network or hierarchy of agents is enabled in our online sports betting website. Our agent system keeps us exclusive from the rest of our competitors.

Bet Shop Solutions - Gevelopers

Bet Shop Solutions

Our bet shop solutions ease up the bet shop operations and covers features including cash out, bet slip printing and many more.

Multiple Betting Views & Odd Formats Supported - Gevelopers

Multiple Betting Views

Various betting views such as European view, Asian view, American view, etc and different odd formats including fraction, decimal etc are supported on our online sports betting website.

CMS & CRM Modules - Gevelopers

CMS & CRM Modules

An easy to use content management system enables you to make minor updates in the platform and a CRM module helps in enhancing the retention rate of your customers.

Affiliates Management - Gevelopers

Affiliates Management

Our online sports betting website also supports an affiliate system which adds value to the platform.

Schedule Management - Gevelopers

Schedule Management

Allow players, bookies and admins to get updates about all the latest games, upcoming fixtures and bets placed.

Live Feed - Gevelopers

Live Feed

Allow bookies and players to watch matches on the website and keep track of the live scores to place and change their bets in real time. This also allows them to keep track of their wins and losses.

Anti-Fraud And Privacy - Gevelopers

Anti-Fraud And Privacy

All the payments done on the site are secure and the privacy of the users is maintained. The robust back end ensures that scammers cannot make unauthorized changes

Analytics - Gevelopers


Real-time analytics helps players and bookies to calculate odds and understand which bets to place.

Crypto And Fiat - Gevelopers

Crypto And Fiat

Pay with digital cryptocurrency or fiat on a sports betting website that supports both.

Advanced Risk Management - Gevelopers

Advanced Risk Management

Admins have the capability to manage risks posed if any through their account to keep the betting website safe.

Admin Dashboard - Gevelopers

Admin Dashboard

Detailed analytics for the admin to ensure no discrepancies have taken place which in turns helps keep the betting website safe and secure.

Multi-Lingual Support - Gevelopers

Multi-Lingual Support

Add this feature in the sports betting website development to include a wide array of users who can navigate the site in their native tongue.

Rich Notifications - Gevelopers

Rich Notifications

Send relevant notifications to the users to give them a dynamic user experience. These timely updates will increase the time spent on the betting website.


Our Online Sports Betting Platforms

Multiple Device Compatibility - Gevelopers

Multiple Device Compatibility

Our online Sports Betting Software is compatible on various devices including web, mobile and tablet. This makes it easy for your users to seamlessly access the platform from any device.

Easy Navigation - Gevelopers

Easy Navigation

The easy navigation in our online sports betting website facilitates a convenient and enjoyable betting experience for your users.

No Revenue Share - Gevelopers

No Revenue Share

We follow no revenue share policy which enables our valuable clients to stay safe from the unwanted share of revenue.

Rapid Market Entry - Gevelopers

Rapid Market Entry

Our market ready online sports betting website with requisite and trending features enables you to quickly enter the betting market.

Cryptocurrency Support - Gevelopers

Cryptocurrencies Support

Our online sports betting website supports all the major cryptocurrency payment options including Ether, Ripples, Bitcoin and many more.

Secure Betting Platform - Gevelopers

Secure Betting Platform

We ensure that all necessary security aspects are perfectly covered in our online sports betting website and our players can have safe betting experience. We employ security options such as DDOS, Firewall and do secured Cloud Hosting on AWS.

Responsible Gambling - Gevelopers

Responsible Gambling

We include various features such as risk management system, betting limits, etc for ensuring responsible gambling on our platform.

GDPR Compliant - Gevelopers

GDPR Compliant

We ensure that our sports betting platform is GDPR compliant thus you can stay assured about the reliability of our software.

24-7 Support - Gevelopers

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support for our valuable clients on skype, email, video calls and different other mediums as per our client’s convenience.

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